Global Movement to Stress Less and Experience More Love & Joy in 2023

Created for Neurodivergent Families, but as we believe in inclusivity, all parents & caregivers are welcome to join!

My goal is to get as many parents as possible to start stressing less so we can parent with more joy. To join this movement, watch the free masterclass I hosted earlier this year to get the tools I and others have used to ignite a massive shift in my emotional health & well-being along with my relationship with my kids.

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Why is it important to

Stress Less & Love More?

Reason 1

When we experience high levels of stress, our relationships become strained & stressed as well. When we better manage our stress, the door opens to creating more positive & loving connections with those around us.

Reason 2

Our children (especially our sensitive ones) feel our emotions. When we are overwhelmed or discontent, even when we say we are OK, our body and emotional energy tell a different story. What emotional energy do you want to share with your child, frustration, guilt, sadness or courage, gratitude, acceptance, & love?

Reason 3

When we are stressed & not taking time to care for ourselves, we are more prone to handling challenging parenting moments with frustration & resentment rather than the love & compassion our children need.

My Story

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about your host and why she feels this movement for parents to approach each day with more joy & less stress mindfully is critical for the health & wellbeing of all families.

3-Steps to Stress Less & Love More

The first step towards changing anything is awareness, so we will start by looking inward at our parenting triggers & stressors.

The second step is to develop a healthy mindset because an unchecked mind can make a difficult situation even more challenging.

The last step is to elevate our emotional energy by examining ways to shift from a state of depletion to renewal.

"Excellent resource for parents looking to leap from frustration to problem-solving mode. Parents will gain the confidence that working to regulate our own emotions and stress will help us carve out a safer space and a calmer environment for both parents and children to thrive."


Grandmother of two highly spirited boys

Your Facilitator

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer

Pediatric Occupational Therapist | International Speaker | Mother Mindfully Managing Neurodiversity | Published Researcher | Educator

I have holistically supported families worldwide since 2001, drawing from both professional & personal experiences with neurodiversity, parenting, & child development.