Not showing up in the way you would like to with your kids?


Embark on a fun & engaging parental growth journey with us & become less triggered by everyday stressors.

Explore new approaches & perspectives to become more resilient when facing difficult parenting moments.

Discover how to minimize the perpetual feelings of parent guilt & frustration to make more room to feel more love & joy.


When our relationship with ourselves becomes stronger, the relationship with our loved ones does too.

Can you relate?

Always worrying about your child?

The day is filled with repetitive thoughts about your child (Won’t overcome.../ Will not be able to…)which puts you in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

Frustrated a lot?

You desire things to be different, but you are fighting the same battles each day with little to no support from others.

Feeling burned out & depleted?

You have too many obligations, no time for yourself, and you spend all your time supporting everyone else’s needs, leaving you feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

Feeling judged by others?

You feel others (teachers, family, other parents, doctors, mother-in-law) are judging you every time your child does/does not do something.

Feeling disconnected?

The connection between you, your child, and your partner is not how you want it to be.

Joy is a distant memory?

You are dealing with so much right now that spending quality time doing things you enjoy with your child, partner, or friends feels impossible.

Taking this parental growth journey with us will change the prism through which you see yourself as a parent. You will learn how to use simple but effective tools and practices to approach your "triggers" with resilience and feel more relaxed and peaceful to help your children do the same.

This online program gives you the tools & support to:

  • More energy and mental clarity to see things that bother or trigger you in a new light.

  • Become less triggered & more resilient as you see & experience the things that used to trigger you in a new light.

  • Mindfully model how you want your child to respond in stressful situations.

  • Feel More Joy as you focus more on what is good in your life while being mindful of the thoughts that take you into the "problem loop."

  • Manage confrontations, outbursts, meltdowns, and intense emotions with more patience, empathy, and compassion (for yourself & your child).

  • Lead by example, teaching your child to feel more joy and less stress by implementing new tools and practices.

Steps to Becoming a Resilient Parent

Healthy Mindset

We can't change others, but we can change our perspective & thoughts toward them, the situation, & ourselves.


Awareness is the first step towards making the positive changes you desire.

Increase Energy

We can't give what we don't have, even though many of us do this to the demise of our health & wellbeing.

Why this course & why now?

  • When we experience high levels of stress, our relationships become strained and stressed as well. When we better manage our stress, the door opens to creating more positive and loving connections to those around us.

  • When our health and wellbeing suffers, the family suffers.

  • Our children (especially our sensitive ones) feel our emotions. When you are overwhelmed or feeling discontent, even when we say we are OK, our body and emotional energy tell a different story. What emotional energy do you want to share with your child? Frustration, guilt, sadness or courage, gratitude, acceptance and love?

  • No one taught us how to handle parenting challenges, how to care for ourselves so we can better care for our children, and how to balance everything.

  • Life can be different when we have the knowledge, tools, and support to create a new story.

  • Every moment is a teachable moment for our kids. What lessons are we teaching them? That being an adult is full of stress, no fun, lots of burdens? Don't you want to show them that parenting can be fun, they are fun to be around, they are loved for who they are as the are?

The Resilient Parent is designed to address the specific needs and challenges of parents raising children who are differently abled and neurodivergent. However, the curriculum is also applicable and open to all parents (I believe in inclusivity for all).

Parent's Testimonials

This is something that every parent needs to do for themselves and their children. I did not even realize I needed this course, but I am so grateful I joined.


Mom of 2-teens (one with ADHD)

My relationship with my son has completely changed. I have replaced feelings of guilt and resentment with love and acceptance. Thank you!


Single mother of child with developmental delays

Extremely helpful. Clearly we need to be able to reduce our own stress and stress in the household in order to help the kids reduce theirs.


Mother of two with special needs

Dr. Shaffer is not only knowledgeable, but extremely empathetic and relatable. She shares and opens up fearlessly about her own parenting experiences to invite a safe space for parents and caregivers to get support, be heard and get inspired! She is a privilege to meet and learn from. A true gem!


Mother of a young girl with autism

Excellent resource for parents looking to make that leap from frustration to problem-solving mode. Parents will gain the confidence that working to regulate our own emotions and stress will help us carve out a safer space and a calmer environment for both parents and children to thrive.


Grandmother of two highly spirited boys

Your Facilitator

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer

Pediatric Occupational Therapist | International Speaker | Mother Mindfully Managing Neurodiversity | Published Researcher | Educator

I have holistically supported families worldwide since 2001, drawing from both professional & personal experiences with neurodiversity, parenting, & child development.

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